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May 6, 2015
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What is BasketDudes?

BasketDudes is a PvP multiplayer basketball game.

Each user creates and controls various basketball teams, with which he can compete against other users in online matches, participate in tournaments, accumulate points, sign up players and improve and personalize his club. The users can create their own tournaments and exchange players, uniform and PowerUps amongst themselves.

Each user gets a basic team of players when he starts playing, but soon he can improve his team by playing matches and gaining points or by buying virtual money to buy elements and strengthen his team.

Elements unique to BasketDudes

BasketDudes is not a "run of the mill" basketball simulator, it has a series of elements which make it unique. The players are independent characters and are collectible, each one with its own personality and background. You can only have one copy of each player in your team, but their development and progress is different for each one. Also, you can equip them with an array of elements, from special sneakers to tattoos, that improve their game skills. There are also cards which you can use during the match. These cards are PowerUps which will put your rivals in some pretty sticky predicaments and which bring a new and exciting element to the gaming experience. All of these elements will appear at the end of the matches in the form of rewards for your team.

As if all of this was not enough, each team is a group that evolves in itself, gaining experience and progressing through 30 levels, during which new game elements such as uniform, players, stadiums and cards are unlocked. The more games you play and the more you take part in events and championships the more experience your team will gain and the greater your potential will be.

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